Welcome to the Honda Renaissance site.

We hope you enjoy the images and find value in the bikes and information presented here and through the links to other sites.

Honda Renaissance is not a business. We are not motorcycle dealers, parts vendors, or appraisal specialists. We are just a couple of guys that love to restore and ride old motorcycles; mostly Hondas, since we both started riding them in the early Sixties. Honda Renaissance is primarily a partnership between two old friends (Allen Siekman and Terry Fries) who share an interest in riding and restoring old Hondas. It began as a shared passion that needed a name. Terry thought of the name, did a pen and ink illustration of my CB92R and with a quick trip to the printer, we were official.

By some standards, our collection remains small. We seldom own over 15-20 machines most of which we keep well hidden from our wives (so donít tell them, OK?). At any given time the collection may include Pre-export and Post-export Japanese machines (Honda and others started exporting around 1959) made by Honda, Meguro, Pointer and others. You might also find British, European and American bikes in the mix.

Terry and I have expanded our ranks to include several honorary members who share our passion and love of motorcycling. Among these are:

Mark Mederski who works for the American Motorcyclists Association as CEO of the Hall of Fame Motorcycle Museum in Pickerington Ohio. Mark is an avid rider and supporter of all motorcyclists and shares our love for restoring and riding. Please visit the AMA Museum web site: http://www.motorcyclemuseum.org.

Ron Mousouris has what is perhaps the largest private collection of pre-export Hondas in the US. If you really want a Honda made before 1959, check with Ron. For a good look at early Hondas, visit his web site http://www.thebenlyshop.com.

Keep in mind that:
We are not motorcycle dealers. We may buy or sell the occasional motorcycle, usually to build or enhance our own collection.
We do not offer an appraisal service.
We do not buy and sell parts. Well, we actually do buy parts, but only for current or planned project. We would love to buy that spare 1955 Honda JA engine, but donít really need a rusted rolling chassis from a Honda S90. You get the picture.

We participate in vintage events and motorcycle shows as our schedule permits. Allen coordinates the Vintage Motorcycle Show events at Mid-Ohio Raceway during the Vintage Motorcycle Days event every July. Ron and Allen displayed 6 bikes a the inaugural Legends of the Motorcycle Concours in Half Moon Bay, CA in April of 2006 and will probably have around 10 machines at the event on May 5th, 2007. Ron presented his Honda JC57 at the last event and was awarded a Best of Class award. Well deserved, I might add.

Thanks for looking, hope you enjoy the site.