Arriving Whenever

We’re going to be retooling, so have a bit of patience. The passions in our lives are many and go far beyond the simple joy of appreciating old iron. We delight in the benefits that physical fitness offers, we enjoy creating beauty in many ways and many forms. We believe in moments of quiet contemplation and in times of wild abandon.

Our goal is to share this with the folk who deign to spend there time with us. To share our journey to enlightenment. No more will we focus entirely on physical things.

Don’t mistake – we are not some pie in the sky hippy types, thinking we can live on love and air and sunshine. We like physical things, what man creates has a beauty of its own. And if you believe all things come from the source, then stuff does too. We like stuff.

But we also believe there is true value in helping others. In lending a hand at a food shelf or a soup kitchen. Or stepping in to ump a little league game if someone gets stuck in traffic. In smiling at strangers. Helping old ladies cross the street.

There is beauty in all those things and more.