On Contemplation And Health

There is a kind of wisdom in peace. Taking the time to really see around you, to take pleasure in the smallest of things. We truly believe that in peace and quiet contemplation you will find the basic components of health, both mental and physical.

contemplationHow often have you heard someone talk about their state of physical health and mention their resting heart rate. A low heart rate is almost a hallmark of good health. Is it coincidental that a quiet heart is also one of the  benefits of meditation? We think not. And meditation is also an underpinning of many health programs.

There is a connection between physical and mental health that is not much talked about. The best health will come with a combination of physical exercise, good eating habits, and daily meditation or some other form of quieting the mind.

We here are big believers in eating green (as it were). Of eating the types of foods that our ancestors might have been abe to scrounge. Not the ancestors that built the pyramids or Stonehenge. The ancestors that had to work hard every day to find what nature offered. This is not a vegetarian diet. Many of our ancestors hunted meat and existed on it during the times when the seasons, short as they were, left vegetation unavailable.

We also believe that while some training with heavy weight is important to build some minimum muscle mass, some form of cardiovascular exercise is critical as well, Both for heart health and for keeping long lean muscles, and working on that slow heart rate. For many people, this can involve running, but when the joints begin to fail a good hard workout on a bicycle will do the trick. It also has the advantage of being one of the few ways that a person can see big pieces of the world.

The last component is, for many of us, the hardest. Spending some time learning to quiet your mind can have benefits far beyond the aura of serenity that you project on the world. It is hard to explain just how much we think that travelling through life calmly can benefit every phase of your life. Almost by definition being able to control stress in your life will have huge benefits for longevity and health.

Be at peace. Contemplate the world. Live as one