Trailers for Bikes

You know, when I used to ride motorcycle I coveted trailers. In a remote way that is, since I really didn’t want to drag a trailer along with me. I liked the freedom of the motorcycle, and with as little baggage as possible. Just hauling around a couple of saddlebags was more than what I really wanted but it really is difficult to get through a day without somewhere to store things. The biggest problem was what to do with a jacket in the heat of the day.

So what I really envied was the end result, the trailer at the campsite, especially when I saw the first example of a bike trailer that folded out into a two room tent with a bed and everything. I imagined traveling across this wide country of ours, setting up shop in one town after another, unhooking the trailer and using it as a base from which to explore a new state or city or mountainside.

Then life changed. Having children changes how you view the world. It changes your priorities. Now the bike trailers I covet are the ones that I can pull behind my manual two wheeler. The bicycle. The trailers I look at will never fold out into a tent, they will never be a base from which I can explore anything beyond the pleasures of being the center of the universe of a two year old.

I have my eye on trailers for bicycles┬áthat converts into a stroller. A bicycle seat really isn’t the same thing. It does screw up the balance of the ride to have all that weight up high, which reduces the enjoyment of the ride. Now with a trailer running along behind the bike flows as though it had no load at all, just a bit more drag. And there is the possibility of having a double trailer stroller so two children can ride along and enjoy the countryside with their parent together.

bikes with trailerWhen you can spend some time enjoying a ride through the country or around town and then park, convert the trailer into a stroller and walk or jog around town with them. It is nice not to have to choose between your passion and your children. Of course the children are the most important thing in the world, but there is more to life, and not always having to carve out time from a too busy life to enjoy a ride or a run is a simple joy that more than pays for itself in the pleasure of sharing health and happiness and the joy of sharing a lifestyle of physical effort and the rewards that that can bring.

Raising children is a heavy responsibility that brings with it concomitant joy. It can be tricky, I think, to grow them into the people that you would like them to live the type of life you would have for them. So the difference between trying to teach your children how to live healthy and happy and showing them with your actions just what that can add to your life both in years and in joy is something to be striven for.

And bicycle trailer/strollers are a simple solution to the problem of getting them started young. The earlier a thing starts the more likely it is to work its way into the life and lifestyle of your children as they grow. Okay. Enough soap box. Get out and enjoy your day.